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Castle In Rye

Castle in Rye with a real mote. I took this on my phone because it was POURING DOWN rain and freezing. I didn’t even want to open my camera bag because of how bad the weather was so I primarily captured this day with my phone.

(Photographer life hack: put those fun little silicone packets that come in purses or whatever in your camera bag. It helps keep moisture from damaging your camera. It also helps rid the camera of moisture it takes in during wet weather. )

The outside of the castle was much better preserved than the inside. Much of the inside was in ruins which surprised me based on the outside view. There are days that I will always remember for whatever reason. This day will always be set in my mind as the day I stood outside a castle with a real mote and waited with our cousin dog Lucy in the pouring rain. I was soaked through and freezing but beyond happy to have been in the presence of such gorgeous history. Directly after seeing this castle we went to the warmest, most friendly of pubs and sat next to a fireplace that was built during Henry the V’s time. You know…just a couple years ago… LOL

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