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Today I volunteered at a homelessness program in Baltimore city. It was a resource and services type fair for folks that are homeless in the area. Folks could get IDs made, free food, free eye exams, dental care, haircuts and more. This was the first time I had ever volunteered for this event and I am so glad I did. Not only were the people and services amazing but the entire spirit of the day was just about kindness and doing what is right for others. I got a lump in my throat watching church members wash people's feet and offer clean dry socks. I was so moved I had to walk away. This kind of humility doesn't happen enough. I also was able to photograph dental surgeries and extractions...a feet I was not sure I could handle until I was presented with it. I did okay watching...which for some of you that know me know that is a big thing. One woman had multiple extractions and was alone all during her procedures. I went over and held onto her feet while she had needles and teeth pulled. No one should have to face these things alone.There were also things that some frowned upon such as nail care and massage therapy but to see the faces of the folks receiving the service, I can say they needed it. It meant the world to these folks to have positive human contact even if it was just for a few hours. Here are some images of men that were getting a fresh cut. I got their permission to take their photos and some were so delighted when I asked. One man (Stephen) was so excited to see his new look that when I showed him the after photo he said "Are you serious?!" I told him that he looked so handsome and he asked me if I wanted to get married. LOL Sorry friend...I'm already married. ;) I can't wait to volunteer again. This was a truly amazing and humbling experience.

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