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Under Construction

Identity is a funny thing. It is tricky; it leaps out grasp and hides from view at times. Mine is ever flowing and expanding. I learn new things about myself daily which is both an exciting adventure and also frustrating. So "work in progress" it is.

I took this image at Camp Pride. This person is just finding their new skin. She is trans and for many trans folks the journey to find their new selves is a powerful and difficult time. Often their outer appearance does not match their inner identity. Some folks can achieve their physical transformation quickly, while others take time. There are issues of access, affordability and health care wrapped up this matter which I won't get into, but know that it takes time and time can be excruciating.

This woman was sitting quietly, alone. It was a long day and she clearly needed a moment of quiet. I looked over at her and found the mixture of the construction sign and this beautiful, fragile, blossoming human being so lovely.

To trans folks out there, I send you patience and love for your journey to find yourself.

"Under Construction".

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