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Broken Bone Bathtub

I got my degree in theatre. I look back on that often and I have no regrets. I learned a lot from that degree and I worked hard for it. This is my friend Siobhan O'Loughlin. She graduated from the same program I did. She is an activist, an artist and one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.

Last night I was able to see her perform her one woman show Broken Bone Bathtub in Baltimore. I have seen a good bit of theatre in my life time. Some of it was good, some terrible, some inspiring and some not. This show was a stand out to me not only because my beautiful friend wrote it, but also because I feel like a better person for seeing it. She challenges her audience to sit and listen not only to her but to each other. It is so much bigger than a woman in a bathtub. She reached into the heart of each of us watching and gave us a chance to just be human, flawed, wounded and healing. Bravo my friend. What a gift you are to the world.

Today I was honored that she let me take some photos of her. It was a hot day here in Baltimore and out of nowhere it poured down rain. We burst out laughing when the power went out in the cafe where we were having lunch. As fast as the rain came the heat and sunlight returned to make this crazy, wild light. This was her in a perfect moment in the sunlight. I doesn't get much more delightful than this.

"V" you are an inspiration. Your spirit is intoxicating and your gentle soul is what shines through in all that you do. Love you, girl. Don't change a thing.

Go see Broken Bone Bathtub if it is ever in your area. You will be forever changed.

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