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My heart is heavy today with grief over the events in Orlando. Often people say to me that homophobia and transphobia are things of the past. They spout off weak examples of how our world has grown like "modern family" and "Caitlyn Jenner". These are not examples of how homophobia and transphobia are non existent they are in fact examples of how our world continues to make LGBTQ folks "comedic or beyond boundaries". In fact, our world still hates. It hates very much. It hates based on color, gender, religion, body type, sexuality, wealth and so on. It will only get worse the more we ignore it or sweep it under the rug to make ourselves feel better. So if you want to make an impact on society, speak up when you hear hate speech. Stand up for and beside the people who are being attacked. Say enough is enough. If enough of us do these seemingly small acts we can change our part of the world. #nomoreviolence#endhate #iamenough #makechange#bethechange #actup #lgbtq#myheartiswithorlando #orlando

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