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Save a Gato

  • A homeless man in#puertorico with his pet kitten "Christmas". Don't be alarmed she is just completely at ease in her little bed. So much so that when he stops petting her belly she reaches up to his hands and begs for more. She has the bluest eyes I have ever seen a cat have. Cats are protected here on the island and hailed as the city's finest rodent control. That being said, there are programs here that help the survival of the cats by feeding, watering and providing vet care for any animal they come in contact with. Throughout the old city you can see cats lining the streets and hiding along the rocks at the edge of the city walls. Some are friendly some are more cautious but they all are protected and respected here. If you have a chance check out save There is quite a large population of homeless and impoverished folks here. Similar to any city. I try to give as much as I can to each person I see. Even if it is just the change I have in my pockets or the leftovers I'm carrying home. I don't believe in turning away from folks in need. It isn't my nature. Many of the homeless here have animals that they care for. A man last night had a dog with him named Lily. She was a pit mix and just as happy as could be. She clearly was cared for better than her owner. Companionship must be hard for the folks In such dire need. I see people passing them all day. I'm one of those people and they simply talk to their furry friend and live their lives as best they can. Believe me the animals have the most loving owner they could ever imagine. I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess what I have to say about all of it is just help when you can, be kind and maybe save a gato or a human some heartache. #cat#saveagatopuertorico


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