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The Human Knot

I have been going through my photos from a few years ago in order to pick some prints to sell. I am pretty good at remembering what images are mine but sometimes good images go to the wayside based on my mood or my aesthetic. Sometimes going back over my photos I see it in a new way or in the way I meant it all along. Who knows!

This image stood out to me today. It is a young person in the middle of an ice breaker called The Human Knot. It is a complicated game to say the least and his expression speaks volumes about what is happening in front of him.

I remember this afternoon very clearly. I remember the faces and the laughter that ensued when they fell or made the knot worse. In the end it did work out but not without sweat and a bit of patience. This was a hot evening in Nashville, TN and truth be told I was in the wrong white balance setting so all of my images looked a bit purple. While the setting was incorrect, there is something fun about the purplish tones. It made it look more commercial. When I changed the image to black and white it brought out the thought in the photo. So here you go. End product that I am pretty taken by. Enjoy!

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