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Summer is probably my favorite time of year. Not because of the down time and the slower pace but simply because I have seen such beautiful things in the summer. Everything is in full bloom, the grasses are thick, the trees lush with leaves and everywhere things are living and lively.

This winter has been a rough one. My partner and I have had a lot going on at work and our lives seem to jump from one thing to the next without a second to pause and breathe. Often by the time we do have a moment we are sound asleep.

When I was a kid I was left alone a lot in the summer. My brother and sister would sleep the days away while I was out climbing trees on our farm, and building forts. I would get up early and plan my adventures before packing a bag and setting out to see what I could find. By the time my siblings awoke for the day, I was often miles away, deep in the woods or wondering the fields around our home. I was never bored, never without a sense of purpose. I always just wanted to see as much as I could see each day.

On my walks, I would run my hands over the high grass, feel the razor sharp edges of the corn leaves as I chased my imaginary friends , and the icy cold river water would shock my feet when I plunged in to look for tad poles.

Summer was a time for creativity, for imagination and exploration. Summer was my time.

This summer I am determined will be a calming one. I want peace for both my partner and I. I want days filled with river walks, cook outs and sweaty glasses of iced tea. I want family adventures, long cool naps, and the shock of that cold water again.

This photo was taken on a walk through the fields of Norwich, UK last summer. I can’t help but be transported in my photos from there. What a beautiful summer that was.

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